zaynmalik: Happy valentines gorgeous :) x
laurenjauregui: All you need is love, lol cuz it’s valentine’s day ya know? ily babe ♥

AU:Lauren and Zayn have been dating for 2 years already and Zayn feels like they should take their relationship to the next level. With the help of the boys and her bandmates and a few camera people, he decided to video tape the proposal. Lauren thinks the girls are at a charity event and left her, making her think she was late. Zayn takes the opportunity to do it live and once she got on that stage, Zayn came out and proposed to the love of his life. She says yes and now, the two are planning and thinking of a date. 


Camila dancing to Normani’s version of We found Love [Q&A Toronto] +



fuck her. fuck her family. fuck her cow.


camila being cute with fans 03.26.14

St. Louis 3.20.14

Lauren coming to the rescue when Camila’s high fives are rejected +